On Site Lab Services

On site lab testing for a quick turn around and results at Batish Family Medicine.

At Batish Family Medicine, we understand that your time is valuable, and health concerns can’t always wait. That’s why we offer on-site lab services to provide you with quick and accurate results. Our in-office testing includes a lipid panel for cholesterol monitoring, a Hemoglobin A1C for diabetes management, a test for H. Pylori to diagnose ulcers, urinalysis, and urine pregnancy tests. Our aim is to give you immediate insights into your health, without the usual delay of sending samples away.

For more specialized tests, we partner with LabCorp, a leading diagnostics company, ensuring that your lab work is handled with the highest standards of care and professionalism. We’re committed to keeping you informed – whether your results are normal or abnormal, you will be notified promptly. At Batish Family Medicine, we bring the lab to you, providing a convenient and efficient healthcare experience.