Using the portal at Batish Family Medicine can make getting to the doctor quicker and easier.

Leland’s Trusted Medical Provider

At Batish Family Medicine, we’re more than just a health care provider; we’re your trusted medical partner in the Leland community. To reach us, please call 910-383-1500. As we prioritize your privacy and security, please refrain from sending personal health issues via email.

For Critical Medical Concerns in Leland

For critical medical concerns that can’t wait until the next day, our provider is available after hours. Please dial 910-383-1500 for immediate assistance. Note, this service is intended for urgent issues and is not suitable for prescription refills or issues that can be managed during regular hours.

Our Secure Medical Portal


As part of our commitment to providing Leland with comprehensive medical services, Batish Family Medicine offers a secure patient health portal. To set up your account, simply provide us with your email address. We respect your privacy and assure you that your information is safe with us and will not be shared with any third parties. Our portal is an accessible and secure line of communication that allows you to:

  • Access your medical records
  • Schedule appointments
  • Ask questions to a nurse or our billing department

For medication refills

Please call our office and leave a voicemail on the designated line. Allow us 48 hours to process your request. If your need is more urgent, call us to arrange an appointment for expedited medication access. At Batish Family Medicine, we’re committed to making your healthcare experience seamless and convenient.